On this page, books available for purchase on Amazon will be listed here in order of most recently released.

Woodland Fire, book 1 of the Fairies and Rovers series, now available on Amazon.



New male pregnancy gay romance, Down on Luck, now available on Amazon.


Four-box bundle of the COMPLETE series, The Fairy and the Prince, plus Bonding (four tales set in the same universe), and two additional short stories, now available on Amazon.


The Prince’s Kept Fairy, Part 3 of The Fairy and the Prince, now available on Amazon.

Prince's Kept Fairy - High Resolution

After the death of Prince Aron of Sador, Holis has been called home to become the next Prince of Sador. He brings Lander with him, but he does not anticipate how overwhelmed by his new duties he will be. Lander rarely sees him and in time begins to feel lonely and neglected in a land so far from his own. Then on a fateful day when he gets lost in the city, he encounters a rough stranger who blackmails him into illegal activity. On top of that, Lander’s health suffers from the return of the fever that nearly took his life in Oakleaf. Will Holis realize what is happening with Lander before it is too late? Or will his own actions lead to losing Lander in more ways than one?

Two-book bundle of The Prince’s Banishment AND The Fateful Stranger, Parts 1 and 2 of The Fairy and the Prince, plus a bonus short story, “The Love Herb,” now available on Amazon.

bundle2fairyand prince

The Fateful Stranger, Part 2 of The Fairy and the Prince, now available on Amazon.

Fateful Stranger - High Resolution

Holis and Lander have settled into a sweet, peaceful life in the tiny village of Oakleaf. Holis helps the local rovers in their patrols of the lands surrounding Oakleaf in their effort to keep the roads safe from bandits and ogres, while Lander does odd jobs for Farmer Thistle. When Gulin, a strange man from a faraway land, comes to help Farmer Thistle with some of the harder labor on the farm, he develops a dangerous obsession with Lander. How far will he go to make the fairy his own, especially when he finds out that Lander’s heart only belongs to Holis?

Missed Chance, now available on Amazon.

Missed Chance

Karl had always pushed Braydon’s hot buttons when they worked together on the production of Wicked. Then came the night of pink champagne. Later, a chance meeting near a 13th century castle in St. Andrews, Scotland leads to a quickie down in the castle’s mines. Will Braydon come out on top?  A short story.

Bonding, now available on Amazon.

Bonding - High Resolution

Four short tales set in The Fairy and the Prince universe.

1. “Kidnapped”: Poor, golden-haired Tate has been kidnapped from his fairy home in River Haven and accused of murdering his Uncle Lyon by the harsh, wandering rover, Haldon. Tate fights his growing attraction for his captor.

2. “After Market”: Holis gets jealous when a vendor at the market from a distant land flirts with Lander.

3. “The Mending of Tate’s Heart”: Tate is suffering from romantic sorrow. Will a chance encounter with Haldon help him move on?

4. “A Fairy’s Game”: Lander travels to a distant village to have some dirty fun.

The Prince’s Banishment, Part 1 of The Fairy and the Prince series, now available on Amazon!

the prince banishment

(book cover artist is Tigerlily)

Holis Aron, son of the Prince of Sador, has been banished by his father and sent to keep the peace in a tiny village thousands of miles to the south of the only home he has ever known. Oakleaf lies in the southern woodlands, near the fairy lands of River Haven. Oakleaf has been having a serious problem with bandits and thieves. Holis’s new duties center around commanding the small band of soldiers that his father has sent with him to rid Oakleaf of the ruffians.  On Holis’s first night in Oakleaf, tired and homesick, he rescues a fairy from a terrible fate. Lander has beautiful green eyes and golden wings. Although Holis has never been attracted to men before, he is entranced by Lander at first sight, and it seems the attraction is mutual.  But many obstacles get in the way of their growing romance. Will the ruffians overtake the village? Will Lander’s friends and relatives accept that Lander will never marry a nice fairy lass? Will the dour Prince of Gador find out about his son’s fairy lover? Can a fairy and a prince work through cultural differences to find true love?   Purchase on Amazon.

Yosemite Men


Liam is a park ranger at Yosemite Park. Jason is an old classmate, once an awkward geek, now a thrill-seeker. Liam is appalled when he finds Jason in Yosemite Park, perched on the edge of Nevada Falls, in danger of being swept hundreds of feet over the falls. Liam is instantly attracted to Jason, but will he be able to tame him before his thrill-seeking gets him into real trouble? Purchase on Amazon.