Woodland Fire out today!

Hi, everyone!

I have no time today to write more than a drive-by announcement, but here’s the announcement! Woodland Fire, the first in the new series Fairies and Rovers is out today!  This is just old fashioned romance in a fantasy setting, the same universe as The Fairy and the Prince, with some of the same characters.

Here it is on Amazon!




It’s been awhile, but I have a new book out. But it’s a little different…

Um…I ended up taking about a four-month hiatus from writing or publishing. This was not planned. It’s just that I didn’t work much in the summer and that allowed me to write, write, write, publish, write some more. Once my job started again in August, I didn’t realize how my job would suck the very life out of me and not allow my creativity to thrive for writing. My new schedule became work, work, sleep, work, watch mindless t.v., work some more.  I would sometimes write. A little. And then sometimes weeks would go by and I wouldn’t write at all. And then all the sudden four months went by. This made me very sad.

November was a sad month for me for a lot of reasons, but some of that sadness and stress got me going again and I suddenly felt like no matter what, my heart is in writing, and if I’m not writing, then I’m not living. So here I am again!

Anyway, for my friends in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! To everyone else, have a happy weekend!

My Thanksgiving “gift” is this. I say it in quotes, only because Amazon simply doesn’t allow you to offer something for free the first day you release it. You have to wait a day.

But you know that Cyber Monday thing? Well, I will offer my new book, Down on Luck, for free on Cyber Monday only.

The caveat is that this new book is a slightly different kind of story. Yes, it is still fantasy and still takes place in my fantastical southern woodlands. Yes, it still involves fairies and gay romance. But I experimented with male pregnancy in this new one, and so this latest book is a male pregnancy story! Now, if you go running and screaming in the opposite direction, I am NOT offended. I totally understand. This was a creative experiment for me.

I DO have another book coming out, maybe even this same weekend (this was the book that was almost finished before I took my four-month hiatus), and that is NOT male pregnancy at all. Just normal gay fantasy romance in my southern woodlands universe. Lander and Holis from The Fairy and the Prince series even play minor roles in it! That one I will also offer for free for one day when it is ready to be released. I will let you all know when that is. If I am motivated this weekend, it may even get done in time for cyber Monday. But I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to editing, and so that is really what ends up being the most time consuming part for me.

Without further ado…link on amazon.



Last day Fairy and the Prince will be free and some other stuff…

Today is the last day of a four-day promotion. So if you would like a copy of the full trilogy of The Fairy and the Prince, plus bonus material, then today may be the last day for awhile that it will be completely free. This is a very good deal since it’s normally $5.99.

I did say that I would start talking about other things in this blog, and I have the perfect opportunity to do so today!

Yesterday, I received my first unsolicited review on Amazon on The Prince’s Kept Fairy. Now, I should say that I am not one of those savvy authors with a lot of followers who can just email preview copies of her books to tons of people on an email list (I don’t even know how to make an email list, this is the closet thing I have) and have them write reviews on Amazon. And since I keep this identity secret from my real life identity, I don’t bother friends and family (even though some would be willing and able), mostly because I write some crazy sex scenes and the last thing you want to be thinking about while writing sex between your heroes is whether your ninety-year-old grandmother will be reading it soon.  So up until yesterday I have had 0 reviews, good, bad, or ugly.

Anyway, back to the review. The review was a one-star review from a very dissatisfied reader who basically gave it one star because it was too dark for her.  She did say that the books were well written and well edited and that she liked the characters. That is something I appreciate hearing, of course. And she said she enjoyed the first book but that it started getting too dark for her after that. I don’t blame her. The books are pretty dark in places. She also said that she thought trigger warnings were necessary and she didn’t appreciate being given nightmares after reading my series.

First of all, one doesn’t want one’s first review ever on Amazon to be a one-star rating. That’s no fun. But hey, I’m a writer and I’ve put my stuff out there into the world, I can take it. That’s the way it goes. Lots of people would be grateful for any unsolicited review, right?

But I am torn about that trigger warning issue, I really am. On one hand, I like to be compassionate to people in general and not cause them pain, and I also would rather not have people read my books who are not an appropriate audience or would be uncomfortable with the material. I myself have been the victim of a sexual assault and know full well about triggers and ptsd and all that.  That being said, for me personally, I don’t want or need trigger warnings. Life is full of bad things. That’s just the way it is. If something happens in a book or a movie or a television show that makes me feel a bit triggery/ptsdy, I either stop watching it/reading it, or I deal with the emotion that is coming up. That’s just me. Shoot, I find the news more triggery than anything in books or movies.

So anyway, I went ahead and changed the blurbs on my Fairy and the Prince series books (except the first) to include a strong warning. But now I’m a little worried that it makes it look like amateur hour. So anyway, the point of all this is that it is all such a learning experience for me.

But I also learned that the folk at Writer’s Cafe are spectacularly awesome. I posted a question about the above and a bunch of helpful people answered. I have been reluctant to spend time there because I can see it as being very overwhelming, depressing, or just plain a time suck for me (in a few weeks I won’t have nearly as much free time as I do now).

Well, I do need to work on my next project! Yes, we’re still dealing in fairies here in Natalie-land…Until later!





Complete Fairy and the Prince series released in box set today!

I have no idea if I am doing any of this right or wisely, but I just created a box set that includes The Prince’s Banishment, The Fateful Stranger, The Prince’s Kept Fairy, Bonding (four short tales), and then two additional short stories.  I think this is the best deal.  Each book individually is priced at 2.99, which would be a total of nearly $12. I am pricing this bundle at $5.99.

I am moving on after this to work on a new book in the same universe. Yes, I still love me some fairies and men together. I had an email from a very nice person and he asked if there might ever be a situation where the fairy was more in charge. I am taking that under consideration. 🙂 In the new book, which also takes place in Oakleaf and will feature Tate, who shows up in two of the short stories in Bonding.  I have a new book, Woodland Fire, nearly complete (but still needs a LOT of editing), and a few ideas to make it a series. I’m pretty sure Lander and Holis will show up in the book as peripheral characters.

Here is the box set, now available on amazon!



The Prince’s Kept Fairy released today!

Finally, finally, finally! It’s been a long haul to get it finished and edited, but today I finally released The Prince’s Kept Fairy, part 3 of The Fairy and the Prince series. *BIG sigh of happy relief*.  So it’s hot off the press, which is appropriate because today is one of the hottest days of the summer so far.

Like I said earlier, this summer has been crazy. I thought I would have all this extra time to write, but apparently I’m a poor time manager when I have a guest staying with me. And this isn’t even a guest who likes to go out and do a whole bunch of things, so in theory I still have extra time. But there were some personal things that reared up and got in the way, and well, I’m just grateful that the past week or so, I seem to have gotten my writing mojo back.

So without further ado…

The Prince’s Kept Fairy, now available on Amazon.

Prince's Kept Fairy - High Resolution


Good morning and…Fateful Stranger free for one day only tomorrow!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I have been extremely busy lately.  For almost two weeks now, I have had a long-term guest staying with me, and of course that means that while I still get a good two to three hours of work/writing done in the morning, the rest of the day is filled with doing things with my guest on and off and not being completely anti-social with my friends and family. I should point out that my “day job” is one that allows me two and a half mostly free months in the summer (at least this year), so most of the year my schedule isn’t this free anyway, so this guest being here is a good test of how I will manage my time once work starts up again in mid August.

I’m currently busy working on Part 3 of The Fairy of the Prince as well as some short pieces (I always thrive on variety but that does mean that my stuff doesn’t get done efficiently sometimes).  I realized that I will be completely sad when The Fairy and the Prince is done as I have really become fond of this universe. But then I realized, silly writer that I am, that I’m the writer of this universe, the “god” of it, so to speak, and it doesn’t have to end, does it?  I can add another part, I can write another series in the universe, the possibilities are endless!

You all know how I like offering free things. I will be offering The Fateful Stranger, part 2 of The Fairy and the Prince, for free tomorrow, June 24, for one day only!

Look under my “books” tab to see the list of all current titles available.


The Fateful Stranger, Part 2 of The Fairy and the Prince is finished!

I’m so pleased to announce that The Fateful Stranger has been edited and uploaded to Amazon tonight!  Now, if it seems like I am very prolific, I kind of am, but not as much as you may think. I’ve been working on this trilogy for a few months now. I had originally planned to post all three only when all three were done and completely edited. However, a friend of mine told me to go ahead and post the first part and then spend the next week or two editing part 2. That way at least one of them was out there.  Then post part 2. After I post part 2, then work on editing part 3. Etc.  So that’s the plan.

By the way, I will occasionally start posting about other things (maybe this process of being a very brand new Kindle author?) besides just announcing my book. Maybe once a week so I don’t flood anyone’s email with posts. That would be all I would have time to do anyway.

I have a long-term guest staying with me for the next 8 weeks or so, so my prolificness will be a little less than before.  But both me and my friend have work to do and so we both will work at a local restaurant/cafe in the morning for a few hours. So writing will get done on a regular basis.

The Fateful Stranger, now available on Amazon.

Fateful Stranger - High Resolution

Introducing Bonding, four short stories in the Fairy and the Prince universe

So this publishing business has been an adventure for me. I feel kind of alone in it, actually. I do have a friend who has Kindle published a few kids’ books (er…so in a COMPLETELY different genre, obviously, so not the same exact scenario). She told me that it was awesome that I had a whole bunch of downloads when my book was free.

But today? A big nothing so far.  Ah, well. I get it. People love free stuff. I get it. And I will often offer free stuff because like I said, this is all a labor of love to me. Making a living from it would only be a truly dream-like awesome thing, and eventually, if I keep writing, this will happen.

ANYWAY, I am announcing that I have published a little interlude book, a series of four short, steamy stories that are set in the Prince and the Fairy universe.

Bonding, now available on Amazon.

Bonding - High Resolution

Four short tales set in The Fairy and the Prince universe.

1. “Kidnapped”: Poor, golden-haired Tate has been kidnapped from his fairy home in River Haven and accused of murdering his Uncle Lyon by the harsh, wandering rover, Haldon. Tate fights his growing attraction for his captor.

2. “After Market”: Holis gets jealous when a vendor at the market from a distant land flirts with Lander.

3. “The Mending of Tate’s Heart”: Tate is suffering from romantic sorrow. Will a chance encounter with Haldon help him move on?

4. “A Fairy’s Game”: Lander travels to a distant village to have some dirty fun.

Note: This book will be free for two days — June 9, June 10!