My name is Natalie Marrin, and I have just dipped my toes into the wonderful world of gay romance writing! Not long ago, I started to look into the idea of actually publishing and sharing some of the thousands of crazy and romantic ideas circling around in my brain. I love stories set in fantasy worlds with a bit of magic, particularly between handsome, burly soldiers and ethereal fairies. I love the fascination and misunderstandings that might occur between the two cultures. I love dragging my characters through hell, only to have a sweet, happy ending.

I live in a small community in Illinois with my two cats. I love writing, reading, taking long walks, hanging out with good friends, and trying new recipes.

If you want to be updated on any new books or stories I release, please click below to follow my blog (link at bottom of page).  Eventually I hope to get an email subscription option up, but for now, I will always update here first. Be on the lookout for promotions surrounding any new release!