Um…I ended up taking about a four-month hiatus from writing or publishing. This was not planned. It’s just that I didn’t work much in the summer and that allowed me to write, write, write, publish, write some more. Once my job started again in August, I didn’t realize how my job would suck the very life out of me and not allow my creativity to thrive for writing. My new schedule became work, work, sleep, work, watch mindless t.v., work some more.  I would sometimes write. A little. And then sometimes weeks would go by and I wouldn’t write at all. And then all the sudden four months went by. This made me very sad.

November was a sad month for me for a lot of reasons, but some of that sadness and stress got me going again and I suddenly felt like no matter what, my heart is in writing, and if I’m not writing, then I’m not living. So here I am again!

Anyway, for my friends in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! To everyone else, have a happy weekend!

My Thanksgiving “gift” is this. I say it in quotes, only because Amazon simply doesn’t allow you to offer something for free the first day you release it. You have to wait a day.

But you know that Cyber Monday thing? Well, I will offer my new book, Down on Luck, for free on Cyber Monday only.

The caveat is that this new book is a slightly different kind of story. Yes, it is still fantasy and still takes place in my fantastical southern woodlands. Yes, it still involves fairies and gay romance. But I experimented with male pregnancy in this new one, and so this latest book is a male pregnancy story! Now, if you go running and screaming in the opposite direction, I am NOT offended. I totally understand. This was a creative experiment for me.

I DO have another book coming out, maybe even this same weekend (this was the book that was almost finished before I took my four-month hiatus), and that is NOT male pregnancy at all. Just normal gay fantasy romance in my southern woodlands universe. Lander and Holis from The Fairy and the Prince series even play minor roles in it! That one I will also offer for free for one day when it is ready to be released. I will let you all know when that is. If I am motivated this weekend, it may even get done in time for cyber Monday. But I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to editing, and so that is really what ends up being the most time consuming part for me.

Without further ado…link on amazon.




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