Today is the last day of a four-day promotion. So if you would like a copy of the full trilogy of The Fairy and the Prince, plus bonus material, then today may be the last day for awhile that it will be completely free. This is a very good deal since it’s normally $5.99.

I did say that I would start talking about other things in this blog, and I have the perfect opportunity to do so today!

Yesterday, I received my first unsolicited review on Amazon on The Prince’s Kept Fairy. Now, I should say that I am not one of those savvy authors with a lot of followers who can just email preview copies of her books to tons of people on an email list (I don’t even know how to make an email list, this is the closet thing I have) and have them write reviews on Amazon. And since I keep this identity secret from my real life identity, I don’t bother friends and family (even though some would be willing and able), mostly because I write some crazy sex scenes and the last thing you want to be thinking about while writing sex between your heroes is whether your ninety-year-old grandmother will be reading it soon.  So up until yesterday I have had 0 reviews, good, bad, or ugly.

Anyway, back to the review. The review was a one-star review from a very dissatisfied reader who basically gave it one star because it was too dark for her.  She did say that the books were well written and well edited and that she liked the characters. That is something I appreciate hearing, of course. And she said she enjoyed the first book but that it started getting too dark for her after that. I don’t blame her. The books are pretty dark in places. She also said that she thought trigger warnings were necessary and she didn’t appreciate being given nightmares after reading my series.

First of all, one doesn’t want one’s first review ever on Amazon to be a one-star rating. That’s no fun. But hey, I’m a writer and I’ve put my stuff out there into the world, I can take it. That’s the way it goes. Lots of people would be grateful for any unsolicited review, right?

But I am torn about that trigger warning issue, I really am. On one hand, I like to be compassionate to people in general and not cause them pain, and I also would rather not have people read my books who are not an appropriate audience or would be uncomfortable with the material. I myself have been the victim of a sexual assault and know full well about triggers and ptsd and all that.  That being said, for me personally, I don’t want or need trigger warnings. Life is full of bad things. That’s just the way it is. If something happens in a book or a movie or a television show that makes me feel a bit triggery/ptsdy, I either stop watching it/reading it, or I deal with the emotion that is coming up. That’s just me. Shoot, I find the news more triggery than anything in books or movies.

So anyway, I went ahead and changed the blurbs on my Fairy and the Prince series books (except the first) to include a strong warning. But now I’m a little worried that it makes it look like amateur hour. So anyway, the point of all this is that it is all such a learning experience for me.

But I also learned that the folk at Writer’s Cafe are spectacularly awesome. I posted a question about the above and a bunch of helpful people answered. I have been reluctant to spend time there because I can see it as being very overwhelming, depressing, or just plain a time suck for me (in a few weeks I won’t have nearly as much free time as I do now).

Well, I do need to work on my next project! Yes, we’re still dealing in fairies here in Natalie-land…Until later!






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