I have no idea if I am doing any of this right or wisely, but I just created a box set that includes The Prince’s Banishment, The Fateful Stranger, The Prince’s Kept Fairy, Bonding (four short tales), and then two additional short stories.  I think this is the best deal.  Each book individually is priced at 2.99, which would be a total of nearly $12. I am pricing this bundle at $5.99.

I am moving on after this to work on a new book in the same universe. Yes, I still love me some fairies and men together. I had an email from a very nice person and he asked if there might ever be a situation where the fairy was more in charge. I am taking that under consideration. 🙂 In the new book, which also takes place in Oakleaf and will feature Tate, who shows up in two of the short stories in Bonding.  I have a new book, Woodland Fire, nearly complete (but still needs a LOT of editing), and a few ideas to make it a series. I’m pretty sure Lander and Holis will show up in the book as peripheral characters.

Here is the box set, now available on amazon!




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