I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I have been extremely busy lately.  For almost two weeks now, I have had a long-term guest staying with me, and of course that means that while I still get a good two to three hours of work/writing done in the morning, the rest of the day is filled with doing things with my guest on and off and not being completely anti-social with my friends and family. I should point out that my “day job” is one that allows me two and a half mostly free months in the summer (at least this year), so most of the year my schedule isn’t this free anyway, so this guest being here is a good test of how I will manage my time once work starts up again in mid August.

I’m currently busy working on Part 3 of The Fairy of the Prince as well as some short pieces (I always thrive on variety but that does mean that my stuff doesn’t get done efficiently sometimes).  I realized that I will be completely sad when The Fairy and the Prince is done as I have really become fond of this universe. But then I realized, silly writer that I am, that I’m the writer of this universe, the “god” of it, so to speak, and it doesn’t have to end, does it?  I can add another part, I can write another series in the universe, the possibilities are endless!

You all know how I like offering free things. I will be offering The Fateful Stranger, part 2 of The Fairy and the Prince, for free tomorrow, June 24, for one day only!

Look under my “books” tab to see the list of all current titles available.



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