I’m so pleased to announce that The Fateful Stranger has been edited and uploaded to Amazon tonight!  Now, if it seems like I am very prolific, I kind of am, but not as much as you may think. I’ve been working on this trilogy for a few months now. I had originally planned to post all three only when all three were done and completely edited. However, a friend of mine told me to go ahead and post the first part and then spend the next week or two editing part 2. That way at least one of them was out there.  Then post part 2. After I post part 2, then work on editing part 3. Etc.  So that’s the plan.

By the way, I will occasionally start posting about other things (maybe this process of being a very brand new Kindle author?) besides just announcing my book. Maybe once a week so I don’t flood anyone’s email with posts. That would be all I would have time to do anyway.

I have a long-term guest staying with me for the next 8 weeks or so, so my prolificness will be a little less than before.  But both me and my friend have work to do and so we both will work at a local restaurant/cafe in the morning for a few hours. So writing will get done on a regular basis.

The Fateful Stranger, now available on Amazon.

Fateful Stranger - High Resolution


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