So this publishing business has been an adventure for me. I feel kind of alone in it, actually. I do have a friend who has Kindle published a few kids’ books (er…so in a COMPLETELY different genre, obviously, so not the same exact scenario). She told me that it was awesome that I had a whole bunch of downloads when my book was free.

But today? A big nothing so far.  Ah, well. I get it. People love free stuff. I get it. And I will often offer free stuff because like I said, this is all a labor of love to me. Making a living from it would only be a truly dream-like awesome thing, and eventually, if I keep writing, this will happen.

ANYWAY, I am announcing that I have published a little interlude book, a series of four short, steamy stories that are set in the Prince and the Fairy universe.

Bonding, now available on Amazon.

Bonding - High Resolution

Four short tales set in The Fairy and the Prince universe.

1. “Kidnapped”: Poor, golden-haired Tate has been kidnapped from his fairy home in River Haven and accused of murdering his Uncle Lyon by the harsh, wandering rover, Haldon. Tate fights his growing attraction for his captor.

2. “After Market”: Holis gets jealous when a vendor at the market from a distant land flirts with Lander.

3. “The Mending of Tate’s Heart”: Tate is suffering from romantic sorrow. Will a chance encounter with Haldon help him move on?

4. “A Fairy’s Game”: Lander travels to a distant village to have some dirty fun.

Note: This book will be free for two days — June 9, June 10!


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